Adrian Larkin

Adrian Larkin

Creative Director, Live action Director, Art Director


Adrian is a director who has spent the last decade specialising in human stories, sports/automotive and food. Working in both short and long form Adrian spans the spectrum from commercials for Bugatti to developing a brand identity for DAZN and even short format documentary. Adrian’s technical interests and understanding of film make him a strong visual creative director. In recent years Adrian has worked with a number of brands including Rolls Royce, LG, M&S, Kenco, Mazda, Crayola, Ford….. Adrian is a strong and reliable director who revels in adversity and works well under pressure. He loves to inspire and encourage the teams he works within. Adrian is at his most comfortable when telling stories that touch people. He is able to apply his emotive style to a variety of briefs from cars to technology to people, he is able to expose the audience to the true sentiment of the story.

Adrian's work

M&S: New Years Eve

Crayola: Take Note

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