Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott

Lighting Cameraman


Chris Elliott is a Lighting Cameraman & Filmmaker working across Commercial, Documentary, Sport and Branded Content. He is a proficient Self-Shooting Director and Editor who has worked with major brands such as Adidas, Puma, Sky, BT Sport, Tinder, Yorkshire Tea, Royal Mail & Dreamworks. Passionate about his craft, Chris loves to work on human interest stories and content that captures an audience’s imagination, engaging documentary style productions and bold promotional films. Chris has an extensive range of filmmaking equipment including RED Gemini and Sony FX9 cameras, Sigma Cine Primes and lots of lighting kit.

Chris' work

Eurax - Soothe Your Skin

Savlon - Skin is for Living in

New Levels - Puma x BR - Romelu Lukaku & The Color Grey

Bolton Family Tree Planting

Manchester International Festival: Dystopia




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