During the last ten years, the freelance economy has grown by 25%. It generates around £109 billion a year according to IPSE. 

As we continue to move from a manufacturing based, to a largely served based economy driven by digital technology and communication, this has paved the way for an increasing number of people to offer their professional expertise on a freelance basis. In the UK there are now around 2 million freelancers or ‘companies of one’ available to businesses as an alternative to employing full-time staff.

If you run a business in the creative industry and don’t have experience of working with freelancers, you may need tools to help find the most suitable people.

Below are our top three reasons for keeping your creative business agile and competitive by ‘out-staffing’ rather than staffing up.

  1. Keeping overheads under control. Whether it’s a short term spike in workload, an unplanned project or a pitch, employing freelancers to manage the increase, will mean you can do so without taking people on full-time.
  2. Select the most relevant expertise for the project. That could be someone with more experience in a specific sector than someone you employ or simply a specific skill you lack within your workforce.
  3. Increased motivation and quick turnaround. Freelancers know they are only as good as their last project, so they are always super-motivated to exceed your expectations and offer results quickly.