Unlock the top marketing trends of 2024.

Here’s our rundown of predictions for the year ahead.

Surrealism & Humour 😂🌵

Our big bet for 2024 is a further push into surrealism and humour. We’ve seen some great examples of this over the festive break with the John Lewis ‘Venus flytrap’ ad.
We predict this to continue into 2024. People love brands who don’t always take themselves too seriously and know how to create real visual impact.

Video & Content domination 🤙

Video marketing will continue to dominate through short form content platforms. With brands looking for new ways to convert customers into fans, leveraging both content creators and influencers.

Great creative will be more important than ever 💭

With the slew of new apps to create quick and easy content, great design and creative will be more important than ever. Brands who can cut through the noise and truly embrace great creative work over mass generated content will shine.

AR magic ✨✨

Get ready to say goodbye to boring ads and hello to interactive experiences! Augmented Reality (AR) is breaking through the marketing scene like never before. Technology will allow customers trying out products virtually before hitting that 'Buy Now' button. It's like bringing the store right into their living room. Boom! 🚀

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