Year of the freelancer: Danny Barnett

Year of the freelancer: Danny Barnett

In alignment with The Chinese new year of the rabbit, which represents being quick, skilful, patient and resilient- we know our Allies have the same traits. What more could you need from a freelancer?
We chatted with food stylist Danny Barnett about the pro’s and con’s of being a freelancer in todays industry…

What do you love about being a freelancer?
It’s all about the flexibility and variety. I’m honestly not sure I could go back to a full time position in one company/agency. Don’t get me wrong it can be scary at times with no guaranteed income from month to month, but I feel the positives far outweigh the negatives.

How varied is the work you do?
Completely varied. One day you could be working on a large national campaign, the next day you’re working on packaging for supermarkets or POS or recipe videos or recipe development. The list is endless.

Funniest/strangest client comment?
It’s not necessarily funny or strange, but one comment that has stuck with me is when a product wasn’t as the client expected from manufacture… ‘It’s not your fault, but it is your problem’. Needless to say we overcame the issue and the client was happy to approve the shot.

Freelance vs Full Time. Which wins?
I understand the benefits of full time, don’t get me wrong. The job security, monthly pay cheque, knowing how many hours you work, where you go to work etc. but for me freelance will always win.

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From an insightful video series, extra special freelancer showcases, new Allies,
new territories, tips from freelancers and whatever other exciting opportunities inevitably come our way!
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Here’s to 2023 and our amazing freelancers!

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