Getting freelance work is one thing. Getting paid is another.

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As a freelancer you work to tight deadlines. Sometimes at night or over a weekend.
“Always on” is a part of the job description.
Often the work is last minute to get someone out of a hole, or to fix a problem or pitch.
There’s a sense of urgency. Until it comes to getting your invoice paid.
It’s not unusual for freelancers to be asked to agree to 60 days, or to wait up to 3 months to be paid.
Over a third of freelancers ( 35% ) report that they have experienced late payment in the last 12 months. *
And chasing late payment for work you have already done is both financially and emotionally draining. We know how difficult it is.

Here are our top tips to help you get paid quicker:
1) Make sure you detail your invoices with an outline of your work to reduce queries
2) Get a PO number before you start work where possible
3) Submit your invoices immediately when the work is done
4) Complete any timesheets that are required
5) Become an Ally and get paid in 14 days.

Paying freelancers on time is one of the key reasons why we set up Allies.
To make sure our freelancers don’t have to chase invoices, because we do it for them.
It’s why we pay all our Allies in 14 working days. ( Even if we haven’t been paid )
We think it’s the right thing to do.
And it’s time the industry followed suit.

For more information on chasing payments and being self employed visit The association of independent professionals and the self employed. source IPSE
Details of the prompt payment code for small business:

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