Year of the freelancer: Alexa Hartle

Year of the freelancer: Alexa Hartle

In alignment with The Chinese new year of the rabbit, which represents being quick, skilful, patient and resilient- we know our Allies have the same traits. What more could you need from a freelancer?
We chatted with Allies Art Director, set decorator & all round legend Alexa Hartle about what she loves about her role.

How varied is the work you do?
“Where to start?
I work across Design & the Art Department for a broad range of clients including TVCs for international brands including meeting Sooty & Sweep my childhood favourites, music videos with Frankenstein eating baked beans and fire eaters on roller-skates, gritty drama’s for Netflix based true stories but also dystopian themes, large feature films set in places like 1920s New York meat packing district and regional comedy theatre productions with crazy themes a ice white heaven and fire eating hell . I’ve covered a lot of ground but I’m always looking for interesting projects to get my teeth into . I love real gritty life stories and also concepts which think outside of the box.”

What skills do you have that clients love?
“Facing the out there brief’s , problem solving and working with production to achieve the very best look and results for clients to suit budgets of all ranges and meet creative potential of the project . The glove meme tells a 1000 stories, haha…”

What is your best piece of advice for someone starting out in the industry?
“Be prepared for some (very) long hours and crazy client requests at the final hour but overall be prepared to have fun and work hard together with some very talented people across all media.”

Expect a range of content across the year.
From an insightful video series, extra special freelancer showcases, new Allies,
new territories, tips from freelancers and whatever other exciting opportunities inevitably come our way!
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Here’s to 2023 and our amazing freelancers!

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